Shave my friend for a cure – an update

Well, it’s been a month since my original appeal for cash to shave my good friend, Lance. Lance is offering to “Shave for a cure”, to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation’s Worlds Greatest Shave, a worthy cause if I ever saw one. Current fund raising has reached the first milestone, that is, we’ve managed to raise $250, which means that Lance will be transformed from the hairy beast he is now:

Lance with his full beard and moustache

Lance, the hairy beast of Caloundra

back into the handsome devil we all remember from high school. ( I’d post a picture, but I’m afraid that it would be too much for the ladies out there …

well, actually no …. it’s because I can’t find any.

But I know that they exist, and I’ll find one eventually. Guess that I’ll have to stop putting off cleaning out the shed…. ).

But there is still time. Lance’s shave is not scheduled until the 17th, so we still have time to chip in and help transform Lance even further. Remember, our target is $750 to get Lance to the full cue ball look, as popularised by these sexy fellows:

Dr Evil

Could Lance be this handsome?

You can make a donation on Lance’s page at the Leukaemia Foundation’s site here. Spread the word and I’m sure that we’ll have the total in no time.

Since I’m confident that we can make it, I’ve started shopping for the appropriate tools. I thought that something like this would do for a starter:

Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Something for the rough trimming

Followed up by one of these for the finer work:

An electric sheep shearer

For those pecky hairs around the nose and ears

followed of course by a hot towel and a little cologne.

I’ve volunteered to help Lance with the shaving since I’m pretty sure that he has forgotten how, or at the very least, he’ll be a little rusty. We dont want him looking like this:

Norman Gunston



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2 Responses to Shave my friend for a cure – an update

  1. Lance, the hairy beast of Caloundra says:

    Thanks for the support.
    Guess I need to get some of those shaving things…

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