Help my friend reach his fund-raising target for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave

My good friend Lance is participating in this years Worlds Greatest Shave to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. He has promised to shave down to a goatee for any money raised, but for $250 he’ll go clean shaven, and for $750, shave his head as well.

For those that dont know, Lance hasn’t shaved for so long that he’s forgotten what a razor looks like. This is Lance’s current level of hairiness:

Lance's current level of hairiness - a full beard and moustache

Lance, as we know him today

Why should I help?

2 reasons. First, it’s for a good cause. Today 31 Australians will be given the devastating news that they have leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder. That’s more than 11,500 people this year.

Although survival rates are improving, blood cancers like these are the second biggest cause of cancer death in Australia.

The Leukaemia Foundation receives no ongoing government funding, so supporting this event makes their Vision to Cure and Mission to Care possible.

The money Lance raises will go towards research, which is needed to find better treatments and cures for leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders, and will also be used to support families when they need it most, providing leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma patients with a free home-away-from-home near hospital during their treatment. The Leukaemia Foundation also provides transport to appointments and they provide as much practical assistance and emotional support as they can, all free of charge.

And the second and even scarier reason: this is an artists impression of what Lance could look like in the near future if this lack of shaving is left to run it’s course.

An extremely bushy beard

Lance of the future?

Scary, huh? So, we need to be brave and support Lance in his quest to rid himself of his excess cranial hair. If we all chip in as little as $10 each, we can soon have Lance transformed into the handsome devil you see here

Lance after his shave, looking just like Dr Evil

An artists impression of what Lance could look like by the end of March

Doesn’t that look better? We owe it not only to Lance, and the Leukaemia Foundation, but to ourselves, to ensure that our dear friend takes full opportuniy to engagage in the wounderful transformation.

Sounds great, how do I help?

Simple, really. All we need to do it chuck in a few bucks each, and we’ll have Lance at his fund raising target in no time. You can pledge your donaations on Lance’s sponsorship page here, or if you dont want to use a credit card, send me your money and I’ll do in in your name ( really, I will, promise ). All donations are tax deductible, so even the tax man’s on our side.

Oh, by the way, the deadline for the shave is March 15-17th 2012, so we only have a month to get to our target. I’ll get the ball rolling, but we’ll all need to pull together.

And feel free to forward this to all your friends, and even your enemies – their money is as welcome for a cause like this as anybodies….

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